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Selecionamos diversos Kits com 6 cores para cada ocasião, facilitando para você!
Colors developed to be used exclusively on the lips.

Aiming once again to facilitate the life of the professional, this line was developed to be used with the least possible need for adjustment or color mixing by the professionals.

In order to achieve this goal, the professors Léo Calheiros and Sidney Duarte, who have dedicated part of their lives studying Dermapigmentation, Colorimetry, Pigmentology, Physiology, Biophysics, and other Sciences, have developed a special didactic support for you, cosmetic tattoo professionals.

Leading the new guidelines of Colorimetry in Brazil, they are recognized internationally for their pioneering in the area!

The composition of the colors in its construction follows the Quaternary pattern, that we have the colors Black, Red, Yellow and White as primary colors. To create the color to be used we used the reflection table associated with the Scale of Tones and Reflexes. In this way, the professional has access to reliable information of what really is in each flask of pigment and what will be important in the final result that is the color reflections.

This long-standing study is being applied at first hand in this line of High-Performance special inks for professionals who care about understanding the possible effects of their results.

*The inks must be used by professionals


High-performance inks for professionals who care about the possible effects of their results.


This line was developed by Professors Léo Calheiros and Sidney Duarte in partnership with Iron Works Brazil, aiming to be used with the least possible need for adjustment by the professional.


For all occasions


2 YEARS from manufacturing date
6 MONTHS after opening the product